Kyra Wolff

Kyra Wolff

A writer/artist creating content that helps writers look and feel more confident


With 12 years of graphic design experience, I create unique and affordable pre-made and custom cover art for indie writers. Choose from three separate packages depending on your needs.
Not ready for a book graphics yet? I offer services and products that aim to help you finish your project or book. Contact me for beta and sensitive readings. Read my articles concerning creative productivity and sign up for my encouraging newsletter.
When not writing about writing, I'm writing poetry and pop culture analysis. Available for freelance work and collaboration.
I’m a graphic artist who moonlights as a poet and pop culture writer. As both a book reviewer and a writer myself, I know covers are almost as important to the sale of your book as your words. A boring cover negatively impacting your sales is just one more thing you have to stress over...and us writers already have A LOT to stress over as it is.

Let me ease your mind, I am here to help. Not only do I design creative and professional looking book covers, I can also take care of your promotional graphics and products! I have sold over 500 products such as t-shirts, posters, and mugs with logos and designs specifically made for fan bases.

Take a load off your mind and hire me to make sure your manuscript is ship-shape and not accidentally offensive. I offer sensitivity readings for the following topics: mental health, depression, anxiety, autism, and LGBT+ issues. These readings can also include general edits.

Haven't finished your book yet? Aren't quite sure of you can be a professional creative? SAME. I blog about the process and the road blocks that can hinder our ability to make money off our art.


Office Hours:
M-F: 11am-6pm, 9pm-11pm