Fiddlin’ – July

What I’m currently fiddling with:
-This painting that actually looks better as a WIP than what the finished product will look like I’m sure. I’m trying to push myself to be less loyal to my references and making more experimental work so at this point I’m like, hey this WIP is like MODERN ART just by its self! It basically just went down hill from here anyway.

-Jack the Ripper and Frankenstein! Two wildly complex murder boys. Separate projects, a series of articles and a screenplay respectfully, but IMAGINE. since I’m really focusing on the whole time management aspect of freelancing. You can organize different projects for different clients and record individual actions within those projects and then it tracks everything with graphs which are always nice. I’m this close to buying a pro membership because I’m really enjoying it and would love to be able to automate my hourly wages. Just excited about getting properly organized, not sponsored! 

-On the same note I finally tried out Evernote to keep all my smaller freelance projects organized which is nice. I’ll have to read up and all it’s features because right now it does seems unnecessarily tedious.

-The words to review or even talk about the utter perfection that is Dear Zindagi (2016) directed by Gauri Shinde. It is, in my opinion, the most progressive film dealing with mental health out today. Frankly it is not in my lane to talk about how being made in Indian contributes to the artful nature of the narrative but it is so hard to talk about when trying to dissect the culture from the story, since they are obviously so intertwined. So if I never find the proper words to review this film, let me say this: watch it, it’s great, it’s on Netflix.

-Scrivener for things that aren’t novels/novellas. I love Scrivener, like literally all writers who own it…but just like literally every writer I know, I do not utilize everything it could be. That’s not to say that I’m working with advanced features or anything, but whew boy is the screenplay format good. I also compiled my poetry chapbook, with an index and everything, last month which was exhilarating. I’m really doing so much that I just wouldn’t have tried or even imagined in Word or Google docs.


What I’m being inspired by:


-The Chronicle script, Matt Johnson movies,  and music mockumentaries, oh my! I’m not a fan of the writer of Chronicle but because it’s not improvised like a majority of found footage film, the formatting is super interesting. Also did y’all know that the ending of the script is super weird and not at all like the movie? Operation Avalanche by Matt Johnson inspired me to get my butt in gear and make movies, with which my recent viewing of both This is Spinal Tap and Popstar: Never Stop Stopping has really got me thinking about the strict technical aspect combined with the casual dialog.

-Disney XD scripted shows, which has really really changed my thinking about YA content…I say scripted because 50% of their programming is now Let’s Plays which kind of just blows my mind.

-The work of Paul Collins, who I found through my weird obsession with Barbara Newhall Follett who was a literary child prodigy who just vanished, who I heard about in an interview last year with Ways To Disappear author Idra Novey. I love that tracking of link clicking. Anyway, Collins’ level of research is #goals and his writing is extremely entertaining. who’s self-publishing mindset is something I hope to emulate one day, not just for self-help books but for fiction and other weird lil books. I’m not sure when I’ve went from “self-publishing short romance books would be a good way to earn extra money” to “no, only professionals can make money on the kindle market because it’s way too much work and you have to be just as good as your favorite published authors.” It probably comes placing a higher value on romance as a genre than I used to but now I’m just using it as an excuse not to publish, ever.

Thanks for reading! What are you working on? What are you being inspired by? Let me know in a comment or tweet me @kyra_kat!

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