Spotify Music is the single greatest invention in all of human history. I’m serious.

I’m one of those people who creates playlists for EVERYTHING: exercise, friends, job interviews, novels, that recurring dream, every age I’ve ever been, favorites TV shows, fictional characters, self-insert fanfiction, love interests, break-ups, business ventures, etc. I have “pump up” playlists for pretty much everything (thanks, anxiety), including writing.

This is just a small look at my writing folder on Spotify. 

I take my playlists seriously, y’all.

All of those are playlists I listen to while I’m writing, hence the sheer amount of instrumental lists. But like I said, I gotta get myself pumped up. Gotta get that inspiration flowing. In poetry especially I think you need to fill up with inspiration each morning.

So, I put on a playlist of lyrical inspiration while I click around twitter and tumblr for todays reading material. The majority of the music on my personal poetry pump up playlist are soft enough to have on while I’m reading (but not writing). 

It’s not about taking or copying anything from the lyrics, it’s just about “oh wow, this is my kind of stuff, I wish I could write a line as good as that.”

Mine isn’t full of the classic great song writers, I’ll admit. Only a few songs I’ve picked relate to the images or themes I write about. I don’t really know why these songs tickle my brain the way they do. I don’t know if they’ll resonate with anyone other than myself.

But I wanted to share my playlist because it was such a huge factor in my ability to finish my big poetry project. Like, I’m this close to thanking Erica Freas in the acknowledgments. I also wanted to share it because I feel like there’s this weird disconnect between music and modern poetry, when historically that has definitely not been the case. Like, go ahead and say you’ve been influenced by Beyonce, that’s more than okay!

Take a look at my playlist and then go ahead and make your own to get yourself in the zone!


Thanks for reading! Comment and tell me what songs you include in your lyrical inspo playlist! You can tweet me your spotify link, too!


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