What are some things online projects typically need? Tone enhancing copy, eye-catching visuals, and some seriously clever marketing. Typically, each element is outsourced to a different specialist or team member.

Kyra Wolff grew up a weird art kid online, friendless and penniless, so she taught herself how to do all of it…and more. In her 14 years of projects she’s picked up a wide variety of skills, interests, and titles. Her projects range from self-sufficient and collaboration, from strange to commercial.

She’s a one-woman show, ready to take on anything the world (or clients) can throw at her.

Writer, artist, designer, marketer, teacher, etc.,

Fryxell scholar and Poetry Out Loud alum, she’s now a published poet. Her words are frequently seen in online literary journals and in print. Utilizing her lyrical relationship to language she is also a freelance writer.

A marketing student, she specializes in copy writing, social media marketing, content marketing, and, oddly enough, cultural criticism. This includes TV, film, book, and comic blogging, as well as general social activism and education.

The focus of her criticism and education is the need for meaningful and ethical content, whether that be in fiction or in marketing. One needs to cultivate a proper well of inspiration, content that you consume, that is well-crafted and socially conscious. She blogs about stories (comics, films, books, music, art) and what makes them great. Her work also focuses on helping writers overcome their struggles with fear and mental illness to complete their passion projects.

Learning the Adobe suit at age ten she is now a graphic designer. She sells her typography and designs on t-shirts and helps writers and YouTubers brand themselves with visual elements. She also considers herself a digital artist and you can view her art portfolio here.

Wolff herself is an ex viral internet persona who knows what it takes to cultivate a following and entice millennials through social media. Her YouTube experience allowed her to build video editing and script writing skills, as well as her unique understanding of social media marketing.

Hailing from South Dakota, Kyra actually lives on Twitter.

Please contact her with business inquiries.