What Can I Do for YOU?

Poems are succinct pieces of content that evoke feeling without ever telling you what feeling you SHOULD be experiencing. Poems are relatable, they make the world feel smaller. They tell you that there are people who feel the way you do, that have the same needs and the same worries as you. Make the most of your copy by hiring a poetic content creator who can say so much with so few words.

Poets are no longer emotionally long winded solitary creatures. They do not prefer to use “thou dosts” or other out of touch lingo. Well, some still fit these molds but they are certainly not successful in marketing and they are CERTAINLY not me. I have a unique understanding of social media marketing and what it takes to entice millennials into meaningful interaction. Using witty and self-deprecating humor, pop culture, and causes young people care about I have ghostwritten many a successful twitter accounts for my clients. Everything I write, both poetic and dry, 180-characters or longform, is carefully researched and formatted to your preference.

Now I am offering the chance to upgrade your content with a lyrical writing style and cultural witticisms that will conform to your brand but never anybody else. With my help we will give your brand a VOICE, without overwhelming your customer.

Keep it short, keep it sweet, keep it meaningful.

Keep it even shorter, sweeter, and more visually beautiful by also hiring me to create your graphics so all of your content flows seamlessly together. Part of your voice includes your aesthetic and there is no one who cares about aesthetics more than a poet and artist. I have 14 years experience in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Example of a simple branded graphic and logo.


Shoot me a note and we can work something out!

My rates start as low as $50/researched blog post and $1/tweet.