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Top 10 #52FilmsByWomen2017 So Far – Midpoint Check-In

2017 is the first year I’m participating in 52 Films By Women and the first half seemed to fly by! That doesn’t mean it hasn’t been difficult, because it most definitely has. I mean, I’m still about 2 films behind so obviously it’s a bit of a struggle.

I’ll look at my to-watch list on Netflix or DVR and everything I would assume to be directed by a woman (Vampire Academy or Blue is the Warmest Color, for example) were in fact directed by men. It doesn’t help that Netflix doesn’t even have a dedicated list for female directors when they have one for ‘Time Travel Movies starring William Hartnell.’ You have to physically look through all of the movies and find “feminine sounding” directors (which is NOT a fool-proof method) or find a list online which will almost never be up to date since Netflix plays some strange game of musical chairs every month with their streaming content.

Still, 12 of my 26 films were watched through Netflix. Other than that, 6 were through either Amazon Prime or Hulu, 4 were DVDs from my public library, 2 on cable, 1 rented through the playstation store (thanks Dan!), and 1 at a public screening a friend and I stumbled into at a park while we were in the Twin Cities.

You can see my whole list of what I’ve watched so far right here, but right now I’m going to take you through some of my favorite films I watched because of this challenge, in chronological order.

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