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Fiddling – August

Fiddling – August

What I’m fiddling with:

August was when I really, really tried to create useful content for other creators. It feels a bit backwards because I put my big workbook project aside to focus on the blog. I hope creating some helpful posts around the same topic for the next few weeks now will open my time up to continue working on it. I’m really excited about it because it’s so much fun for me to write and I hope it’ll be fun and useful for you guys too! I’m really focusing on helping other creators combat their fears and doing that while I’m dealing with my some of own fear is really interestingly challenging.

I’m always looking for new revenue streams to support my creative work and my efforts to help other creatives, and this month I’ve been working on designing premade book covers. I’m working with a company that has incredibly high standards, so it’s been a lot of trial and error, but it’s forced me to up my game. I hope to open commissions after a few more months of practice.
Because I’m creating book covers on a budget (no $ for certain stock image commercial licenses) I’ve been practicing my illustration and art skills. For the past year or so in which I’ve been IDing as an artist I’ve been using Kyle’s big brush pack but recently I’ve downloaded Borodante‘s brushes which I have been LOVING. There’s a textured soft brush that really fits into my process and it makes everything feel nice and glowy. I also feel like his blending brushes are what I’ve been looking for, I used them in my chubby witch piece. Basically they’ve made my process a lot smoother and improved my ability to create quality paintings in less time, which means more practice! 

What I’ve been inspired by:

I made my drawing inspo board public so you can see what visual works have been inspiring me. It was a bit scary unlocking it because I’m always scared people will be like “this is obviously your reference, that’s cheating” even though it’s not cheating and I only directly use like .5% of what I’ve pinned as direct reference. Or like “you’re just trying to copy [insert artist] style” when 1) I’m not 2) trying out what you like about other artists styles is how you find your own style. Building that visual library, y’all.

 I’ve been listening exclusively to Youtube’s Indie mix while I’m doing visual art and I’m kinda obsessed with Alvvays right now. Archie, Marry Me  on repeat gets me in the painting ZONE, my guys. 

Tacocat is always fueling my art-ing, and Mitski’s Your Best American Girl is amaze. Angel Olsen‘s and Vivian Girls/La Sera‘s music videos have been super inspiring my sketching lately like nobodies business.

In August I watched what I believe is the best film ever made, for the first time. Nolan’s The Prestige is honestly the greatest piece of storytelling of all time. Like, I’m planning a post on how to write plot twists with some major examples for this film. Like, oh my god. My mind is still blown. Ask anyone who knows me, I have not shut up about this movie for WEEKS. That’s how you write a mystery, y’all.  I have a project I’ve been in the early outlining stage and at a bit of a standstill with so I watched this since it’s the right subject and time period and whew did it help ground the magacian-y element of my story. Seriously, like, Now You See Me WHOO???

I read what will probably be my favorite YA book of this year, if my not favorite overall book of the year, When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. You guys know I love Bollywood and playing with tropes and strong, smart female characters and soft, good boys…so obviously I love this!!! I can’t imagine being a fan of romcoms and not liking this novel. Plus, it’s #ownvoices, which we could all read more of. Five stars all the way around, y’all. Hollywood romcom’s should take notice, this novelist made a better romantic comedy movie than actual romantic comedy movies. I vote either Gauri Shinde or Farah Khan directing the probably-soon-to-be-announced film adaption.

Last, but certainly not least, The Writing Revolt has been saving my effing LIFE. So entertaining, so inspiring, so useful. Jordan is who I always wanted to be when I grew up. She’s a badass who took her life into her own hands to create a freelance writing business, but she didn’t confirm to the sugary sweet industry personality. She will kick your ass in the best way. Here’s my favorite post by her so far!

Thanks for reading! What were you fiddling with in August? What were you inspired by?

Is an Unconscious Fear of Money Stunting Your Creative Business?

Is an Unconscious Fear of Money Stunting Your Creative Business?

The hardest part of creative entrepreneurship for me is the entrepreneurship of it all. I know it’s that way for a lot of creatives who are trying to make their art their full time job. I feel like if you love writing, art, film, music, etc., and think of yourself as a writer, artist, director, musician, etc., that making money from it should be something you’re always striving towards. For me, making a living doing what I love would be the definition of happiness.

Making Money, Two-Fold

In my experience there’s two pieces that stand in our way when we’re first starting out.

The first, and most time-consuming, is learning the fine print of business. “Business” here means the blanket basics like marketing/analytics and the nitty gritty of whatever tools you plan on using. This is the in-between period after seeing one of your peers successfully making money off their craft & trying to emulate it and before you yourself are at the same level of success.
That piece is where Google comes in. Everything you need to know about running your business is online and most of it is free. 
For me, that isn’t the hardest part. Don’t get me wrong, it is HARD. There is so much trial and error. But personally, I love research and learning. I like sorting my to do list and deciding what’s important for my creative work right now. I guess it’s because I can totally push something out of my brain. “Sure I’ll buy that service instead of MacGyver-ing an incredibly time-consuming work around, after I sell x amount of x and can afford it.”
Buuuuut it’s right there where I hit a snag. Selling. Making money. Just the very CONCEPT of it. That’s part two. It comes with a lot of emotions, feelings and other mushy stuff us creatives deal with.

Complex Feelings about Money (and the people who have it)


What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a YouTube Channel

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a YouTube Channel

Alt headlines for this post: YouTube Advice From One of YouTube’s Bitter Exes, How To Succeed on YouTube Without Losing Your Goddamn Mind, Do Not Let a Social Media Platform Traumatize You For Life Please, I Only Watch Videos of People Painting Because Anything Else Makes Me Cry

I’m approaching the point where I’ve been on a hiatus for almost YouTube as long as I was actually on Youtube and I’ve been playing with the idea of getting back on the horse. Thankfully, if I do decide to start over with a new channel it’ll (hopefully) go much smoother than the first time around. Here are some things I’m glad I already know, that I wish someone had told me the first time around.

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