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Music That Inspires My Poetry

Spotify Music is the single greatest invention in all of human history. I’m serious. I’m one of those people who creates playlists for EVERYTHING: exercise, friends, job interviews, novels, that recurring dream, every age I’ve ever been, favorites TV shows, fictional characters, self-insert fanfiction, love interests, break-ups, business ventures, etc. I have “pump up” playlists for pretty much everything (thanks, anxiety), including writing. This is just a small look at my writing folder on Spotify.  I take my playlists seriously, y’all. All of those are playlists I listen to while I’m writing, hence the sheer amount of instrumental lists. But […]

An Alternative Solution To Depression

Witchcraft > Running, digital speedpaint. Big thanks to my model Alyssa Panda Eyes.   There’s an announcement repeated over the speaker system of my life: HAVE YOU TRIED EXERCISE? RUNNING MAKES PEOPLE HAPPIER and one of these days I’m going to find the room where this voice sits without a body and perform an exhilarating exorcism on that green tea drinking, cannabis oil infused, higher middle class, failed medical school, unconcerned concern troll while screaming in it’s invisible pompous, genetically and chemically gifted hydrated face: HAVE YOU TRIED EXORCISE? WITCHCRAFT MAKES PEOPLE HAPPIER